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Study tips (Scientifically backed up...we think)


-Study in small chucks of time, like 20min sessions spread over a week or two instead of those traditional all-nighters.


-Set a specific time during the day to study. This will train your brain to study at this time. You should also train your brain to visit :|


-Use flash cards.


-Set a specific goal for each study session.


-If you can't teach it to a friend, then you simply don't know the topic well enough.


-Being able to teach a topic to someone else is more effective than testing yourself.


-Always do practice problems! Such as the ones available at plugNchug ;)


-Have a designated spot to study. (We know that's hard when the university is ridiculously full).


-Studies have shown that listening to music while studying maybe distracting. But thats your call.


-Please, please, please put away the phone!


-Make sure to always visit and the "take a break" tab above :)

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